As specialists in bad credit mortgages, our advisers are often asked if they have a CCJ mortgage calculator available that will produce some quick and simple numbers of what could be possible.

Mortgage calculators are commonly found on the Internet, but they only really work for people without adverse credit history, as it can be easier to apply data from current market rates and deals.

It’s not as easy with a CCJ mortgage. Calculators cannot be used to crunch the numbers because lenders treat the applicants very individually, and the offers available will be based on a lot more detail around the CCJ circumstances.

What we can do though is take some initial information about your CCJ which will help our advisers start to calculate what could be possible for you.

Mortgage calculator for CCJ applicants

    How much was the CCJ for?

    What year was the CCJ registered?

    Have you paid the CCJ off?

    If not paid, what amount is still outstanding?

    What type of mortgage do you need?

    Do you have any other bad credit issues?

    How much of a deposit can you afford?

    What happens next?

    When you click the button above, your details will go into our team who will then be able to prepare for your free initial consultation over the telephone.

    By submitting this data, this lets our advisers gather the information needed in order to calculate how much you could borrow and which specialist lender you could apply to.

    In the absence of being able to offer you an online mortgage calculator with CCJ details typed into it, we can these details from you now and get the ball rolling so you can find out what’s possible.

    By completing the form above, our team can quickly review the options, then call you back once they have calculated your data, comparing that to the specialist lenders in the market. This will then mean you can get a realistic idea on what you might be able to afford, and what lenders you could apply to.

    If you have satisfied or active CCJs on your credit file and are concerned about the chances of getting a good mortgage deal, then our advisers will be able to help you calculate the rates and deposits required.

    How a CCJ can affect your mortgage chances

    On the Specialist Mortgage Online you can read a huge amount of information regarding CCJs, defaults, and bad credit mortgages. Below are some links to some of our more popular content.

    Can you get a mortgage with a CCJ?

    There are lots of misconceptions about how bad credit can affect your mortgage options. Whilst it is true that having a CCJ can impact you negatively, there are still lenders in the market prepared to offer home loans.

    You can expect to pay a larger deposit, higher interest rates, and possibly higher arrangement fees. Read out guide to find out more and to contact a specialist adviser.

    Can you get a mortgage with a satisfied CCJ?

    Mortgage lenders will look more favourably on applications where the CCJ has been paid off in full. However, some of the specialist lenders can apply less strict criteria on active CCJs, providing they are over 3 years old.

    If you pay the debt off within 30 days of the CCJ being issued, it won’t end up on your credit file. But if you agree to a payment plan the CCJ will remain on your credit file for 6 years, even if fully paid off during that period.

    Can you get a joint mortgage if one applicant has a CCJ?

    Our advisers have access and knowledge of the UK mortgage lenders who frequently offer home loans for joint applicants where one or both people have a CCJ.

    To find out how our advisers can help either call us or submit an enquiry using the mortgage calculator (CCJ details required) further up this page.

    Can you get a shared ownership mortgage with a CCJ?

    Again, this is possible, but it probably won’t be a high street lender, but instead with a specialist. In the majority of cases, a shared ownership mortgage will only be available on a new build property.

    As with most CCJ mortgage calculations, you will need a higher deposit, but this amount will be reduced due to the the shared ownership agreement, meaning it could still be comparatively low.

    First time buyers

    Our advisers can also help you to calculate how much you could borrow on a mortgage if you are a first time buyer with a CCJ on your credit file.

    Buy to let

    We are also able to offer free initial consultations to those looking to finance a property on the buy to let market.