Black cab work can be rewarding, and many drivers will take advantage of their self-employed status to work as many hours as they can. And a lot of time, that’s with the view to building up a decent deposit to put down on a house purchase. 

But whilst that self-employed status gives you the freedom to work as many days or as you wish, it something that can often be problematic with certain mortgage lenders.


Because the mainstream mortgage lenders tend to prefer applications from those in contracted employment, with regular payslips and stable income.

We understand that for self-employed black cab drivers and licensed London taxi drivers, their employment status means that won’t be possible. 

Instead, our advisers work with a wide range of lenders who are prepared to offer mortgages for black cab drivers, based on their self-employed income. 

Just like you have the knowledge, our mortgage advisers have their own knowledge, and that’s all about how they can get you the best deal and rate. To get started, call us or complete and enquiry form. 

Why black cab driver mortgages need specialist support

How our advisers can help

Many mortgage lenders simply don’t have the expertise or desire to lend to those that have variable incomes. They want proof of a regular and stable income, rather than one that fluctuates from month to month.

Whilst you know full well that you can most likely afford a mortgage, chances are you could get declined by certain lenders who are steadfast about wanting payslips as proof earnings.

What our advisers will do is work with you to:

  • Collate the evidence of income in a format that will be acceptable to the lender.
  • Correctly present an application based on your self-employed status.
  • Submit your application to the mortgage lender most likely to accept you. 

Our advisers are specialists in helping self-employed workers such as black cab drivers get mortgages. They have access to a growing number of lenders who specialise in lending to those with self-employment status. 

What do next…

If you would like to discuss with us how our advisers can help with black cab driver mortgages, please contact us today.

Please note, there is in reality, no such thing as a black cab driver mortgage. It’s just a mortgage. However, finding the right mortgage lender who will accept your application and offer the best rate or deal is where our advisers can help.

To find out more on how we help taxi drivers all around the UK including licensed Hackney, Uber, and mini-cab drivers, please take a look at our dedicated taxi driver mortgages section.