If you’re a serving police officer looking for a mortgage, you might have heard about special mortgages for police officers, and the possibility of better mortgage rates. But is this true, and do police officers get special mortgages?

Actually, there is no such thing as a special police officer mortgage. You will still need to meet the eligibility requirements of the mortgage lenders.

However, there are lenders in the market who treat those in the policing profession favourably, based on their salary, length of employment, and security in the job. That means you could potentially have some interesting mortgage options to choose from if you fulfil certain criteria.

In simple terms, yes police officers can get cheaper mortgages, but they will still be treated just like any other applicant; e.g. on an individual basis.

Special mortgages for police officers

As we’ve established, there aren’t actually special mortgages for police officers. What there is though are certain deals and schemes that can help you to afford a home.

But you should seek the support of a specialist mortgage advisor who has experience in helping workers like police officers get the best deal.

For example, with the help of an expert advisor, police officers might be able to find better mortgage deals in some of the following mortgage types:

How to get the best deal on a police officers’ mortgage

The best way to find out which specialist lender is best suited to you would be to take the advice of a mortgage adviser.

Our panel of advisers have years of experience in helping people to find the best lender, with the best rate, suited to their profession. To get started, answer 5 simple questions to find out how we can help you.

As an example, many police officers will live in areas with high house prices. The reason being is often down to living in areas where you’ve been posted, away from your own local area.

Some of the lenders our advisers work with can sometimes offer mortgages of up to 100%, with no deposit required.

In other cases, lenders will understand that younger police officers might not have any form of a deposit at all but know that their profession is secure with likely pay increases to come in the future.

Based on that, they could be prepared to offer a higher mortgage loan than would normally be offered to an employed person.

Why police officers can get better mortgage rates

Your job is relatively secure, and if you’re on a permanent contract can demonstrate to a lender than you are a low risk applicant.

Even trainee police officers can get a mortgage. It all boils down to you as an individual, as every application will be treated on a case by case basis.

But knowing which lenders are more inclined to work with police officers giving better mortgage rates is where an adviser can help you.

To get started, call us or send an email enquiry through and one of our friendly team will be able to help you navigate the mortgage minefield.

Can police officers get cheaper mortgages with bad credit?

There are many mortgage lenders in the UK that have flexible criteria which is sensitive to people including police officers who have suffered bad, or poor credit. We believe that people in these circumstances will stand a far higher chance of getting the right mortgage by using a specialist adviser.

A specialist adviser will take the time to understand your circumstances and will assist you with what you are looking to achieve.

To find out more, please read our guide to police officer mortgages with bad credit.