In this guide we’re going to answer some of the common questions that people ask about how to get a mortgage with a CCJ. This includes details on hard it can be, what type of mortgage you can get, and how to get a mortgage with a satisfied CCJ.

Specialists in mortgages for people with CCJs

Our advisers have years of experience in the bad credit mortgage (find out more) market, helping people get onto the property ladder despite defaults, CCJ, and debt problems.

With one quick call into our team, you can take advantage of a free initial consultation where we will ask you for a little information and background, and then advise your next steps with an adviser.

I have a CCJ, can I get a mortgage?

There could be a lender in the market prepared to offer you a home loan.

By working with our specialist advisers, you will need to take the following steps:

  1. Download a copy of your credit report from Equifax or Experian.
  2. Contact Specialist Mortgage Online.
  3. We will match you with an experienced mortgage adviser from our panel who has experience in helping clients in similar situations.
  4. Your specialist will complete an income and expenditure with you over the phone.
  5. Your specialist will then review this against your credit report.
  6. Your specialist will then talk to lenders on your behalf (no credit searches will be done until you say so).
  7. Once your adviser has found a lender that can help, an agreement in principle will agreed.
  8. This agreement in principle is then provided to you so that you can begin searching for a property, knowing you have a potential mortgage offer in place.

Will a CCJ stop me getting a mortgage?

No, not necessarily. Over the last decade a range of new lenders have come into the market who specialise in offering mortgages to people with CCJs.

The types of questions a lender will ask include:

  • Is there any money left outstanding on the active CCJ?
  • Has the CCJ been paid and satisfied?
  • When was the CCJ registered?
  • What type of mortgage do you need?
  • Do you have any other bad credit issues on your credit file?
  • How much deposit can you afford to put down?

What mortgage can I get with a CCJ?

The type of mortgage that you want will be affected from lender to lender based on your CCJ and bad credit history.

For example, if you are a first time buyer, many lenders will have stricter terms that you need to meet. It’s not uncommon for first time buyers to have to produce references from landlords going back for half a year. There are also other lenders who won’t accept applicants who have CCJs worth over £1,000 pounds.

With buy to let mortgages the lending criteria can be even more strict, with a higher deposit often required, plus some lenders will only deal with applicants over a certain age.

Our advisers will search the whole market to find the best deal for you, with possible options available for those in the following categories:

As with any CCJ mortgage, you can expect to pay higher deposit amounts than typical, as well as possible higher interest rates and arrangement fees.

To find out what mortgage you can get with a CCJ contact us today for a free initial consultation. We will then put you in touch with one of our specialist advisers. 

How to get a mortgage with a satisfied CCJ

Your mortgage options can change a little if you have paid off and satisfied the CCJ.

By paying off the CCJ, its status switches to satisfied. This is a good indicator to a mortgage lender that you have made steps to take control of your finances.

However, whilst this does remove any outstanding debt from your credit file, the actual CCJ will still remain on the record for 6 years until it’s scrubbed from the file.

Mortgage lenders will still be able to see a record of you having had a CCJ in the past 6 years but will see that it’s been satisfied.

This can open up some improved options for you when seeking a mortgage deal. Our advisers will be able to recommend which lenders this might improve your chances with.

Can I get a mortgage with an active CCJ?

But there are some lenders in the bad credit mortgage market who don’t place a great emphasis on CCJs that are over 3 years old – whether paid or not.

Ultimately, there is a wide range of UK lenders now who specialise in offering mortgages for people with CCJs, even ones that haven’t been satisfied and are still active.

Most lenders prepared to offer home loans to applicants with active CCJs will only offer if it is older than 3 years from registration.

How hard is it to get a mortgage with a CCJ?

Having a CCJ registered against your name isn’t the end of the world when it comes to getting a mortgage.

Yes, it can be hard to get a mortgage with a CCJ, especially if you are exploring the different lending options yourself.

By using a specialist mortgage adviser such as the ones on our panel, you can take advantage of their industry expertise, knowledge, and processes. They will also be able to calculate how much you could borrow on a home loan relatively quickly.

Our advisers will try to make it as easy as possible for you, by searching the market for a suitable lender, helping you prepare your documents and application, and then making sure it goes into the lender most likely to accept you.

The advisers on our panel will do the hard work for you.

But it does depend on you being able to supply as much information as possible, being completely honest and upfront on your application, and providing details of your CCJ.

Just be prepared that your borrowing options will be limited to specialist lenders, and it’s very likely that the rates and deposit amounts you are offered will be higher than the average.

To help make things easier and not as hard as they could be, get in touch with our specialist team today for your free initial consultation.