You’ve studied hard, passed your exams, and are now a newly qualified teacher. You’re now looking to get your first teaching position, and possibly thinking about moving to a new part of the country to get started in the classroom.

You could also be looking for a place to live and trying to juggle the challenges of home ownership whilst starting your new role.

They are stressful times, but exciting for sure.

Mortgages for NQTs

What are your options when it comes to finding the best deal and rate amongst all the possible mortgages for NQT teachers?

Well, it can be tough to even find a lender prepared to offer a mortgage to a newly qualified teacher.

Lenders are risk-adverse with recent changes in financial legislation means it’s harder than even before for employees with no work history, in probationary periods, or on one year or temporary contracts to be even be considered by some of the market.

But don’t panic.

Despite what you might have heard or read in online forums, it is possible to get a mortgage as a newly qualified teacher.

There are lenders out there prepared to lend, some of whom will even offer preferential rates and deals to those working in the education sector.

How our advisers can help

Research shows that the UK needs over half a million new teaching staff every year. That’s a lot of people who are essential to the future of our country.

Our advisers work with lenders who understand and appreciate the need for NQT mortgages, and value applications from those working in education very highly.

Just like the police, fire, and ambulance services, teachers are seen as having a guaranteed job and solid employment future, meaning certain lenders are prepared to sometimes offer different rates and deals.

It might be that you have already applied to a high street lender and been turned down to your newly qualified status. A lot of the high street mortgage companies will refuse applications without a second thought if there is no employment history or deposit.

What our advisers will help you do instead, is prepare and place your application into a lender more likely to offer mortgages to NQTs.

To get started and to find out what your options are, call our friendly team now and tell them that you want to get a mortgage as a newly qualified teacher. They will take some details from you, and then partner you with the most suitable adviser. 

What mortgages for NQT teachers are there?

The types of mortgages available for NQTs include:

  • Fixed rate mortgages
  • Variable rate mortgages
  • Help to buy schemes
  • Shared ownership

The benefits to using our advisers and the lenders they have access to include:

  • Possibly getting a mortgage a month before you start work
  • Possibly moving into a property before you start your newly qualified position
  • Possibly getting a mortgage with a deposit as a low as 0 to 5%
  • Not having to produce historical employment history or payslips

What to do next?

With one quick phone call into our team, we will be able to find out what your options are and whether you can get a mortgage suitable to your position as a newly qualified teacher.

Our advisers have years of experience in helping with hard to place mortgages and are independent meaning they can explore the whole of the UK market.

To find out more about how we help teachers from all walks of life and employment status, please take the time to read through our guide to teacher mortgages.