Can you get a mortgage with a CCJ?

Yes, despite what you think, it is possible to get a mortgage for people with CCJs whether or not they are satisfied. Depending on the details of the CCJ, including whether it’s satisfied, will probably have an impact on your mortgage rate. By using a specialist adviser, you have an expert to help you obtain the most competitive rate.

Our panel of advisers are CCJ mortgage specialists. They help clients who might otherwise be turned down by high street lenders or have been given high interest rate quotes due to their credit file.

Admittedly, it may take a little more research to find the best rates available on a mortgage that accepts CCJs, and many people don’t realise that it’s even possible.

The good news is that there is often a wide choice of mortgages available if you know where to look, and our advisers will be able to find the options for you.

Can I get a mortgage with a satisfied CCJ?

If you have paid off the county court judgement in full, then you can apply to have it listed as being satisfied. You can apply for a certificate of satisfaction and the Credit Refence Agencies will amend their records to show your CCJ as being “satisfied”

You will probably find that satisfying a CCJ will give you more choice of mortgages simply because there are more lenders that will accept your application. You can read more about this type of application here.

Can I get a mortgage with an un-satisfied CCJ?

If you are unable to satisfy your CCJ, or are unwilling to satisfy it on a point of principle, then there may still be lots of options open to you.

Seeking the advice of a specialist will help you find the options which best suit you.

Why work with our CCJ mortgage specialists?

Our panel of specialists work with lenders who regularly lend on mortgages to clients with CCJs on their credit files. The advisers we have on our roster can offer advice no matter where in the UK you are based and have an in-depth knowledge of this type of application.

We only appoint advisers to work on CCJ mortgages who have a record of success, and who come to us with knowledge on the right type of lenders for this market.

This means that when you contact us to arrange a consultation, you have the peace of mind that the adviser you speak with knows the CCJ mortgage industry inside and out.

Just because you have CCJ’s on your credit file, it doesn’t mean that you are unable to get the dream home or re-mortgage deal that you want.

Are there any mortgage lenders that accept CCJs?

There are lenders who work in what’s called the adverse credit market, specialising in working with people who might not have a good credit record.

Our independent advisers have access to more than 20 of these UK mortgage lenders who could accept your application even if you have had CCJs and bad credit.

What are the best CCJ mortgage lenders?

Because our advisers deal with each client on a case by case basis, it means the advice you receive will be uniquely tailored to suit you. All bad credit issues are different, and your own circumstances will help to dictate which lender criteria you are most likely to be suited to.

Aspects that will be considered include:

  • The amount outstanding
  • When it was registered
  • Where it’s satisfied or not
  • The type of mortgage you need, such as buy to let or re-mortgage
  • Whether there are any other bad credit issues on your file
  • How much deposit you are putting down. 

Will a CCJ affect the mortgage rates I am offered?

Not always! For many lenders the date when your CCJ was first issued will decide what interest rate they are prepared to offer you. Whilst a CCJ will have an impact on your personal credit score, there are lenders that do not use credit scoring when assessing your application. The older your CCJ is the less it is likely to affect the rate you are offered.

Whilst it may be the case that once your CCJ is paid off and is satisfied, mortgage lenders tend to pay less attention to it. Also, once your CCJ reaches 6 years since issue, it won’t be on your record at all.

Some lenders will work on a tiering-basis, meaning that they will offer  a mortgage with a CCJ, but the amount and length you had the judgement for can affect how much you can borrow and what rate they are prepared to offer.

Thankfully, once you have any outstanding debts under control, you can then start to repair your bad credit score.

Will a CCJ affect my mortgage offer?

The factors above can impact on how much deposit you need and the amount of interest you will be paying across the term of the home loan.

Specialist advice could mean that you do not take a mortgage that is more expensive than it needs to be. By using an experienced specialist adviser they can help you to understand the exact financial implications and calculate how much you can borrow.

Can I get a mortgage with a paid or expired CCJ?

You can get a mortgage once the CCJ is paid or expired, as these fall into the category of being satisfied.

Settling your CCJ should help as it demonstrates to lenders that you are actively trying to rectify your credit situation and pay what you owe.

A settled and satisfied CCJ will open more options to you and give you greater choice when it comes to the range of available lenders. However, remember, an unsatisfied judgment does not necessarily mean that an adviser is unable to assist you.

Our expert panel have placed mortgages for clients who have unpaid CCJs on their credit profile so contact us and we will put you in touch with an adviser who may still be able to help.

Understanding your credit report is key and if you are confused or unsure of where to start, then speaking to one of our advisers could help.

Can I remortgage with a CCJ?

Yes, you can. The type of mortgage deal you are looking for will make a big difference to how our advisers can help you. For example, if you already own your property and want to re-mortgage then it’s usually the most common scenario to work with.

With a re-mortgage, like any other mortgage, you should expect the very best deal you can get. Our advisers will search the market to find a lender prepared to offer the best rate. This may mean that you can possibly achieve lower monthly repayments, as well as  release capital to pay off other debts, or make home improvements.

Can I get a buy to let mortgage with CCJ?

Buy to let mortgages are also available even if you have CCJ’S. There possibly aren’t as many lenders in the UK market for buy to let as there are for your own residential mortgage, but there is currently a healthy choice. Buy to let mortgage tend to require a higher deposit and the properties should be let out to tenants paying a market rent, and not to relatives. However, our advisers can help to find the right buy to let lender to suit your needs

There are still some specialist lenders our advisers have access to who will be prepared to loan even in the toughest of circumstances.

Can I get a first-time buyer mortgage with CCJ?

If you are buying a new build property or getting on the first steps of the ladder as a first-time buyer, the lenders may not be particularly flexible, when it comes to lending to somebody who has CCJs.

For example, some lenders might not consider you if your CCJ is more than £1,000, whilst others will want your CCJ to be satisfied by at least 12 months ago.

Again though, this shouldn’t put you off as a specialist adviser, lenders lending requirements are constantly changing, and you adviser will do their utmost to find lenders who will consider your application even with difficult circumstances.

Can I apply for a shared ownership mortgage with CCJ?

Shared ownership is another way to help people to get onto the property ladder as you will need a smaller deposit than usual, and in some cases no deposit at all.

However, if you have bad credit and CCJs against you could be asked to put up a higher deposit than the usual 5% that shared ownership deals tend to require.

You might also be charged higher interest rates.

However, please don’t worry as our advisers can still help you, and in fact this route into home ownership may sometimes be your only way currently to getting a mortgage.

I also have defaults on my credit file

Finding a mortgage with a CCJ and defaults can also be possible, but in cases such as this you should certainly seek some expert advice.

We will put you in touch with an adviser who will be able to prepare your application in the right manner, and then submit it into the lender most likely to accept you with defaults on your file.

Will a CCJ make my mortgage more expensive?

Without the full details of your CCJ that is a very difficult question to answer. Once your adviser knows the circumstances, the date, and the amount of your CCJ, they will be able to give you an accurate quote for the mortgages on offer.

However, your adviser’s goal is not just to help you today, but also work with you in the future. They can be your trusted partner both now and at the point you can take advantage of better rates once your financial situation has improved.

What happens If I have other credit issues?

It is not uncommon for CCJ mortgage clients to other credit problems as well as the county court judgement.

Our advisers can help any clients with a less than perfect credit score and specialist in niche mortgage advice on a case by case basis.

Most of the clients we help in this area, have more than one historical or current credit problem on file.

What is the process involved?

The process is straightforward and does not change dependent on your credit history.

  1. Download a copy of your credit report from Equifax or Experian.
  2. Contact Specialist Mortgage Online.
  3. We will match you with an experienced mortgage adviser from our panel who has experience in helping clients in similar situations.
  4. Your specialist will complete an income and expenditure with you over the phone.
  5. Your specialist will then review this against your credit report.
  6. Your specialist will then talk to lenders on your behalf (no credit searches will be done until you say so).
  7. Once your adviser has found a lender that can help, an agreement in principle will agreed.
  8. This agreement in principle is then provided to you so that you can begin searching for a property, knowing you have a potential mortgage offer in place.

How long will the mortgage take to go through?

Our advisers aim to work and act quickly as it can be stressful time, even with a perfect credit score and history.

Turnaround times vary from lender to lender. They will aim to work on a week’s turnaround from your initial enquiry to submitting a “decision in principle” enquiry to the lender. The speed with which your application is dealt with will largely depend on how quickly you are able to provide full and accurate information to your adviser.

Re-mortgages can typically be processed in four- six weeks, your adviser will keep you informed throughout the entire process, so you have a clear understanding of the timescales involved.